What’s That White Thing In Ted Cruz’s Mouth?

| by Zara Zhi

The public is finally starting to pay attention to what comes out of Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas' mouth.

It all began during the Republican debate on March 3 when viewers noticed a small, white fleck on Cruz’s top lip and then his bottom lip.

 “What is on Ted Cruz's lip” became a popular search during the debate, The Washington Post reports.

Social media users are trying to figure out what the bizarre white object on Cruz’s lip could possibly be.

And then the Republican candidate swallowed the white object.

“WHAT. WAS. THAT THING, on Ted Cruz's lip?! It was not there, then on the top lip, then the bottom, then he ATE IT!," wrote Twitter user Randy Wayne.

Actress Leslie Grossman wrote on Twitter, “Sleep tight guys and definitely don't think about whatever that thing on Ted Cruz's lip was and how he ate it I guess? Sweet dreams!”

“I was at a charity event this evening. Much more productive than watching the debate. Let's see... weird white booger, etc... scanning...” wrote Craig Mazin, Cruz's former Princeton roommate.

Theories as to what it might be varied from a piece of food and blob of Crisco, to a booger or even possibly a tiny Styrofoam packing peanut. 

The top searches (in descending order) for Cruz during the debate were: "ted cruz booger," "ted cruz mouth" and "ted cruz tax postcard," according to The Washington Post.

Booger seems to be the most popular explanation on social media.

The Republican presidential candidate has yet to comment on the white object in his mouth.

Sources: Daily Mail, Washington Post / Photo credit: Twitter/jwooster via Daily Mail

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