Wal-Mart Employee Gives Shoes To Homeless Man (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

While working at a Georgia Wal-Mart, a young man gave a homeless man a pair of Converse shoes off his own feet.

On July 29, Phil Bravin Powell was working at a Wal-Mart in Lithia Springs, Georgia, when he saw a man who needed shoes.

"I just couldn’t believe it," Myrna Kines, who watched the good deed, told WSB-TV. "I walked up to the man he just gave his shoes away to and asked, ‘Did he just give you his shoes?’"

She talked to Powell and asked for a photo before leaving the store. On Facebook, Kines posted the photo and wrote about the incident, which has since been shared more than 700 times in three days.

"I will be contacting Walmart Corporate to tell them [they] have an awesome employee!" Kines wrote.

Furthermore, the shoes Powell donated were no ordinary sneakers. Powell’s shoes were custom-made in honor of his grandmother’s diagnosis of breast cancer.

"That’s why his shoes were pink and white Converses," explained Powell’s mother, Brenda Patterson. "The same reason why he's wearing pink socks." 

Powell’s manager, Mike Kastensmidt, saw Kines’ post and went to speak with the generous employee. Powell said he used to be homeless, so he wanted to help because he knew how the man felt.

As a reward, Kastensmidt let Powell choose any pair of shoes he wanted from Wal-Mart’s shoe department.

"He chose a $13.00 pair of slippers," Kastensmidt recalled. "That's all he ‘needed.'"

On WSB-TV’s Facebook page, most comments praised Powell’s behavior.

"Love hearing of simple acts if kindness in a world that is so troubled by anger and hate," wrote Kathy Sullivan.

"He gave the shoes with no knowledge or intent to have them replaced by the store," said Bonnie Martin. "He gave from his heart to someone whose need he perceived to be greater than his."

Others inquired as to why he did not buy the homeless man a new pair of shoes.

"I work along side of him, he can't just leave his station and go to the back of the store and buy him a new pair," Hope Victoria Copeland explained. "He saw someone in need, and he reacted accordingly. We are all proud of him at our store 3205."

Sources: WSB-TV, Myrna Kines/Facebook, WSB-TV/Facebook / Photo credit: Myrna Kines/Facebook

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