Waitress Heartbroken When Camera Is Stolen, Gets Huge Surprise From Stranger (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

An Ohio waitress was stunned when a stranger surprised her with a generous tip to help replace her stolen camera.

Brittany Jackson posted about the incident on Facebook, explaining the $800 camera she used for school was recently stolen from her. 

“I have been trying to pay my parents back for helping me with school the last couple months while trying to keep up with rent and other bills,” she wrote.

“I have been trying to save for a cruise I go on in 2 weeks and trying to keep up with school and work, so after my camera was stolen I lost it and broke down.”

Jackson was surprised when a customer she had served a few times at the restaurant where she works in Toledo, Ohio, remembered her love of photography and asked if she had taken any new photos recently. Overcome with emotion, she told the customer about her recent theft and how much stress it had caused her.

When it came time to pay the tab, Jackson looked on the tip line and noticed something shocking: a $500 tip on a $10.73 bill. 

“To help you graduate,” a note on the bottom of the check read. “Good luck.”

“When I saw this I instantly started crying. So much weight was lifted off my shoulders and it's nice to breathe again and not feel like I'm suffocating, not to sound too dramatic,” Jackson wrote. 

“This is why I treat people how I do, I'm not above anyone, I'm not better than anyone, and I treat people how I would like to be treated; with respect. I'm so thankful!!! I think I'm the happiest I've been in weeks right now!”

Sources: Mad World News, IJReview / Photo credit: Mad World News, Brittany Jackson/Facebook