St. Bernard Decides To Take His Human For A Walk (Video)

| by Jared Keever

While driving down any street, particularly in residential areas, drivers need to remain aware of animals or people that might bolt in front of their vehicle. Doing so could save life, or provide a giggle. 

In a video (shown below), recently posted to Dailymotion by user Vidsking, a driver and his passenger appear to have saved two lives and gotten a good laugh as well. The footage, which appears to have been captured with a dash-mounted camera, shows the vehicle speeding along a narrow street lined with houses. 

As the vehicle approaches a small clearing on the left, a large dog bolts into the road from the clearing. The canine appears to be taking a command from a man standing on the right side of the road. 

The vehicle with the camera slows to a stop to let the dog pass. The dog races across the street revealing that it is pulling a small boy. The boy, gripping the dog leash tightly, is dragging along the ground on his stomach. 

After a brief period of surprised silence, the men in the car begin to chuckle and continue on down the road. 

The boy is last seen stumbling to his feet, apparently uninjured by his short ride. 

The video was posted to Dailymotion Tuesday and as of Wednesday morning had over 21,000 views. 

That’s sure to climb as word spreads. It is already generating some funny headlines. Vidsking called the video simply, “A dog walks a child.” 

“Just taking my human for a walk,” read a partial headline from the Daily Mail. 

The time stamp on the video indicates it was shot April 3. Vidsking’s post says it was filmed somewhere in the Czech Republic. 

Sources: Vidsking - Dailymotion, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube