A Dog's Life Is Transformed By A Trip To The Beach (Photos)

| by Robert Fowler

After a dog was rescued from an abusive owner, he became deeply depressed and withdrawn. The emotionally wounded pooch's adoptive family resolved to reinvigorate his spirit with a therapeutic trip to the beach.

Lou is an Italian Greyhound who had endured years of abuse at the hands of a heartless owner, his entire life a sad story until being whisked into the protection of an animal shelter. By the time he was adopted by a loving family, the dog seemed to have been broken by his traumatic experiences, Shareably reports.

The Greyhound was frightened of people and other dogs, a recipe for isolation when living in a household.

"He was super timid, and afraid of other dogs," Peter Sohn, Lou's new owner, wrote on Imgur. "The shelter informed us that he had come from an abusive owner, and had lived a pretty sad life."

The Sohn family decided to vacation with Lou in the Hamptons, New York. On the first morning of his beach trip, Lou did not appear to be a happy camper, laying on the bed and unwilling to come out from beneath the blanket.

During his canine vacation, Lou met a particularly chill bulldog named Buddha. With his snowy fur and relaxed vibe, the portly pooch oozed inner peace.

"Lou was usually very afraid of other dogs, but Buddha like his name implies is a dog of peace and tranquility," Sohn wrote.

The usually timid Lou approached Buddha, leaving his comfort zone and sniffing the friendly bulldog up close.

Soon enough, the two became inseparable. Wherever Buddha went, Lou would follow dutifully. The apprehensive Greyhound had made a friend, hovering closely by his side.

The two canines even bonded over sunbathing, resting luxuriously on a pair of lounge chairs while the sun glinted off of their coats. While this form of lazy relaxation appeared to be routine for Buddha, Lou was just now learning to let his guard down, sprawled out in absolute bliss.

In addition to making a new friend, Lou got to enjoy the pleasures of going to the beach. The Greyhound panted excitedly with the ocean at his back.

Looking up into the sky, Lou appeared to finally be at peace as he dug his paws into the sand and soaked up the summer heat.

Not every dog gets a happy ending. Lou's life had been marked by tragedy, but the new ownership of a kind family and the tutelage of one zen bulldog appeared to help him finally get his groove back.

Once terrified of the world and saddened by how unkind it had been to him, Lou is now a smiling, happy dog.

Sources: ImgurShareably / Photo Credit: Shareably, Orin Zebest/Flickr