These Timelapse Cat Pictures Will Make You Smile (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

Cats are creatures of habit. The territorial felines absolutely live for routine, which anyone whose cat treads on their face at the same time every morning to wake them up can attest to.

In fact, cats love routine so much that they can become stressed out even to the point of getting physically ill if their schedule changes, one Ohio State University study found, according to Conscious Cat.

So it should come as no surprise to proud cat owners to see their pets fall into certain habits and have strong preferences for repetition, however quirky. For example, some cats enjoy hilarious yet annoying destructive behaviors that they'll do throughout their entire lives, no matter how much you try to dissuade them.

Others love odd lounging spots, even after they've outgrown them.

Check out these sweet yet hilarious photos of cats growing up in their favorite spots.

Whoever bought this guitar case no doubt intended it to be used for a different purpose, but this cat had other plans! That's OK. You can always buy more, right?

This kitty was adorable as a youngster, but his relaxation skills have improved proportionally along with his size.

An odd napping spot to be sure, but who can judge this big ginger furball? The bowl-shape looks comfortable enough, plus the sink probably stays nice and cool, as long as his owners make sure to double check before turning on the water.

Is this a common thing for cats to hang out in the sink? This black cat is a fan too!

Talk about a transformation! These kitties started off looking like tangles of dryer lint. Now, the brindle fluffballs are happy as can be. Look at those faces!

And then you have these two adorable siblings whose favorite spot has always been snuggling right next to the other.

It's almost as if you can see this kitty plotting and scheming in the first photos, and then in the second one he's sitting there, knowing he did something wrong but proud of his work.

How precious is this tiny cotton ball, cuddling with a stuffed animal that's almost as big?

But then you see how this black-and-white cat grew up, and it's almost too much to take.

This poor laptop owner has probably not been able to get any work done for years!

No matter how much trouble they might cause, you still love your cats and wouldn't give them up for the world.

Sources: Shareably, Conscious Cat / Photo Credit: Pain Chaud/Flickr, Shareably

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