These Dogs Are Experts At Photobombing Pictures (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

Have you ever met a dog that had such good comedic timing that their clowning skills could rival those of even the funniest of humans?

The best part about these furballs' humor is that most of the time, they don't seem to even realize why they are cracking us up, so their humor is totally organic, even if they do love the attention that comes from it.

One of the funniest examples of this is when doggies jump into your photos before you can stop them. Whether they just want to be goofy, they are upset that you aren't giving them enough attention, or they're simply curious what's going on, their photobombs always manage to crack people up.

It's impressive the way that this husky managed to make the perfect silly face at just the right moment, and the black lab doesn't even notice...

This family looks like they had the perfect pose all set up, with everybody in the shot, but then this vain pupper cracked a sly grin and made a crucial decision: it's time for a selfie!

Apparently, this brave river-rafting pooch didn't get the message that the first photo is supposed to be all smiles, and the second one is for funny faces.

"You're a great couple, but what about meeeee?" - Husky

It's hard to tell whether the pit bull in the front is protesting or cracking a huge grin, but one thing's for sure: the one in the background is content as can be.

This one couldn't be any better if this photogenic fluffer had planned to climb right to the front of the family photo. Let's face it, this little dog totally gets more attention than the rest of the family anyway.

Sure, the woman in the background looks wonderful, but this dog absolutely knows that he can steal the show with his floppy ears and dashing good looks.

To be fair, it IS pretty rude to dangle a fresh fish in front of you and not hand it right over to the patient, hungry hound you took fishing with you. Why else do you think this pup agreed to jump in a boat?

Sure, they might be a cute couple, but this nimble pup is absolutely not going to allow them to make anyone else the center of attention, even for a minute.

It's nearly impossible to tell where the human ends and the dog begins...

​According to the Guardian, studies show that dogs do feel jealousy, or act out on it at the very least, so it's practically scientifically proven that dogs love to photobomb!

Sources: Shareably, Guardian / Photo Credit: Shareably, Zach Zupancic/Flickr

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