Tennessee Town Supports Local Teen Who Was Harassed Online

| by Kendal Mitchell

Tennessee community members donated more than $2,000 to a local teen who received hurtful comments online due to her weight after attempting to sell a junior prom dress online.

Kristen Layne, an 18-year-old resident of Sumner County, Tennessee, posed in her purple, crystal-embroidered junior prom dress with the intention of selling it online for $350.

After posting the photos with the caption: "Selling my prom dress. I don’t remember the size, but it’s in the 20s," anonymous users began to torment Layne. Posts included one user stating, "Hell I bet it’s a 29 cause she didn’t wanna say 30."

Layne said she responded to those who wrote the malicious comments by posting: "Can you stop with the comments? Sorry that I’m not pleasing to your eye."

Hundred of users rushed to defend Layne, some by ‘liking’ the photos and others commenting, "you looked absolutely gorgeous."

Community members and strangers donated about $2,000 to a gofundme page created by Layne to buy a new dress for her senior prom.

Layne said she wants to thank all the people who supported, defended and complimented her and hopes other girls will recognize their own self-worth.

“Don’t let anyone break you down,” Layne said.

Source/Photo Credit: Daily Mail