Teacher On Leave For Trump Pinata (Photos)

| by Sarah Zimmerman

A Colorado high school teacher was placed on leave after holding a controversial Cinco de Mayo event including a pinata with a photo of President Donald Trump attached to it.

Photos show a brightly colored pinata with Trump's face on it, according to KMGH. In the pictures, the pinata is tied to a tree, and a student stands nearby with a bat poised to hit it. 

The photos went viral after one student's mother posted them on Facebook, along with commentary:

So, this happened at my daughter's high school today. The Spanish teacher allowed students to destroy a pinata that had Trump's face on it (unclear if it was his idea or a student driven idea, but regardless it was allowed). UPDATE: According to students, the other side of the pinata had a picture of Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto. There are multiple videos of this all over various students' social media accounts.

Now it's no secret I didn't vote for Trump, and I'm certainly not his biggest fan. I'd be outraged by this if it was Obama or Bush or Clinton. It's really unbelievable, especially right here in little ol' Johnstown, Colorado (a town which is honestly fairly conservative).

I will definitely be taking this up with the school.

A student documented the event on Snapchat, posting photos and videos of students hitting the pinata, according to Fox News.

One photo shows two students holding up the pinata with Trump's face with a caption reading "He's been defeated."

The school district posted a statement to Facebook regarding the incident, saying that the teacher in question has been placed on paid administrative leave. An investigation will begin May 8.

"This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the school district," said Superintendent Dr. Martin Foster.

Users were quick to comment on the incident, with some calling it disrespectful and others saying it was an expression of free speech.

"I hate Trump, but this is not o.k.," one person wrote. "I teach Social Studies and it's not my job to indoctrinate children to my ideas. It's my job to teach them to ask questions, find answers and come to their own conclusions. This is shameful. The teacher should be reprimanded or worse depending on the full information about the case."

Another person wrote that the event was a way to vent frustration at the current president.

"Are kids not allowed to express anger and frustration?" she wrote. "Stuffing those kinds of feelings leads to disease." She a follow-up comment, saying, "I believe that it is our civic duty as free people to express our anger and frustration with leadership regardless if age our who is paying our salary."

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