Taylor Swift Writes Amazing Response To Open Letter From Bullied Fan

| by Dominic Kelly

Pop star Taylor Swift is known for her catchy songs, stellar live shows and for being genuinely kind and gracious to her fans. When one fan opened up to her about being bullied because of his name, the famous singer responded in an amazing way.

In an open letter on Tumblr to Swift, fan Caillou Pettis revealed that kids at school were bullying him because of his name and his body. The fan probably didn’t think that his icon would respond to him personally, but in typical Swift fashion, the pop star responded brilliantly.

“I was really shocked to hear you say that you'd been bullied because of your name because the first thing I thought when I saw it was 'woah, Caillou is such a cool name,’” Swift wrote in her response. “Honestly. I thought it was so cool because it's different, and herein lies our issue: you will always be criticized and teased and bullied for things that make you different, but usually those things will be what set you apart. The things that set you apart from the pack, the things that you once thought were your weaknesses will someday become your strengths.

“So if they say you're weird or annoying or strange or too this or not enough that, maybe it's because you threaten them,” the singer continued. “Maybe you threaten them because you're not the norm. And if you're not the norm, give yourself a standing ovation.”

Swift went on to compliment her fan’s appearance and share wisdom based on past experiences with being judged because of her appearance. The star also suggested that if Caillou’s bullies ever hit him again, he should call the police.

“Thanks for telling me your story and for being so strong,” Swift wrote. “Proud of you, Caillou Pettis.”

You can read Swift’s response in its entirety here.

Sources: The Blaze, Perez Hilton, Billboard / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons