Uncle Of The Year Helps Niece Feel Comfortable By Wearing Princess Costume (Photos)

| by Khier Casino

This man could be a contender for 2015's “Uncle Of The Year” award after he donned a princess costume to a movie theater in Florence, Alabama, so that his niece wouldn’t feel self-conscious about wearing hers.

Jesse Nagy told ABC News that he wanted to take his niece Izzy to watch “Cinderella” at the movie theater Sunday night. The 25-year-old actor decided to wear a princess dress, so that his 4-year-old niece could find the courage to wear her costume out of the house.

A photo of their outing to the movies was posted anonymously on Reddit, with the caption, “The niece was embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies. The Uncle didn’t like that..”

"Sometimes you just have to be a princess. Going to see Cinderella!!" he wrote on Facebook, according to "Uncle of the year.”

Nagy shared his one concern about wearing the dress to his Facebook friends: “If a man wears a dress does he have to shave his chest?”

The photo has gone viral since it was first posted to Reddit on Sunday, receiving more than 1.8 million views as of this writing.

Apparently, Nagy borrowed the costume from a friend, who once wore it as a prom dress, Metro reports. The accessory combinations of a tiara, a pink clutch, flip flops, and tattoos totally make this guy’s outfit.

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