Taco Bell Worker Cleans Equipment With Mop Water

| by Zara Zhi

A former Tennessee Taco Bell/KFC employee has been caught on camera using dirty mop water to clean equipment.

McKenzie Worley says she and her two children were at the fast food chain in Ardmore about three weeks ago when she noticed a worker using mop water to clean equipment. The mother quickly pulled out her smartphone to record a seven-second clip of the employee’s actions.

But Alexis Dobbs, the former Taco Bell/KFC worker, is fighting the accusations. “I wish people wouldn’t rush to judge. They don’t know the whole story. All they see is this small little 10-second video,” says Dobbs.

The footage shows a female worker wearing a KFC uniform and wringing out a cleaning cloth over a mop bucket and then using it to clean with, reports WAFF. Worley says she saw Dobbs use it on the drink machine. She also snapped a picture of the female employee mopping, as well.

“I wasn’t dipping the cleaning rag into the bucket. There was a bucket of sanitizing solution you can’t see in the video. I was only wringing out the rag into the bucket,” said Dobbs. “The video is only 10 seconds, and you can’t tell from it that I was not dipping the rag into the mop bucket.”

Worley's post received more than 1,000 shares. Several people said they recognized the employee and even tagged her in the comment section. 

Dobbs said some of the comments about her have been upsetting.

“It’s been horrible. I feel like people are attacking me on Facebook,” said Dobbs. “One message I received I couldn’t even read because, by the time I clicked on it, Facebook had deleted it because it was so offensive and threatening.”

Dobbs said she quit her job working at the fast food restaurant.

A spokesman for KCF issued the following statement: “Upon learning of this incident, the franchisee who owns the restaurant conducted an investigation. After further review, it appears the employee is actually dipping the rag into a sanitizer bucket next to the mop bucket. Therefore, proper cleaning procedures were followed.”

In 2012, Indiana Taco Bell employee Cameron Jankowski took a photo of himself peeing on nachos and posted it on Twitter, reports The Huffington Post. He was subsequently fired.

Sources: WAFF, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: McKenzie Worley/Facebook via WAFF​

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