Study Finds iPhone Owners Are More Educated Than Android Owners (Map)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Good news for all you Apple elitists out there. It turns out you tend to be more educated than your Android-loving rivals.

A new study from the Massachusetts-based advertising group Chitika found that, across the nation, states with higher college graduation rates also have higher iPhone ownership rates.

Alaska, Vermont and Montana rank atop the nation in both college graduation rates and iPhone ownership. Conversely, New Mexico, Iowa and Delaware have both low college graduation rates and low iPhone ownership rates.

Chitika notes that the correlation between iPhone ownership and education could equally be viewed as a correlation between iPhone ownership and wealth. The same college graduates that tend to own iPhones also tend to be wealthier. These trends all start to make sense when you consider that a new iPhone often costs $600+ while many Android devices are available in the $100 range. More than anything else, this study gives smug iPhone owners some insult ammo for their next smartphone debate.

Curious to see where iPhones are owned most around the country? Check out this map:

Alaska, Montana and Vermont have the largest number of iPhone users in the US. These states also have the highest percentage of college graduates in the US. Meanwhile, New Mexico, Iowa and Delaware have the lowest percentage of people who use iPhones

Sources: MailOnline, Chitika, Cidewalk / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons