Man Arrested For Promoting Violence Against Cop

| by Michael Howard

A Detroit man was arrested after he posted a comment on Facebook advocating violence against a police officer.

The comment, written by a man who called himself "Gee Ross," was reportedly in response to a video showing a female police officer giving school supplies to a little girl, says WJBK.

"Hate that blue eye devil … kill that pig," he wrote beneath the video.

Another Facebook user reported the comment to the police, who quickly identified the man and arrested him.

"You want to threaten one of my people, then guess what? It's time to pay the piper," Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt told WJBK.

Dolunt said police encourage people to report any threatening comments they come across online.

"If it's a threat against police, they should call us," he said. "Actually, if it's a threat against anyone, we should be notified."

He also had a message for "Gee Ross" and others who think like him.

"We have rights too, we have families too," he said. "And if you want to put it out there that you want to kill us … we're going to lock you up. I don't want to kill you, I want to lock you up."

"Gee Ross" was not the only one who had a negative response to the female officer's act of kindness. A number of people who said they were arrested by the officer in the past took exception to the video as well, denigrating her in the comments section.

"She's a well-known officer in the 11th precinct," Dolunt said. "She wears plain clothes, she's made a lot of arrests, and some people don't like to get arrested."

The incident comes amid heightened tensions between black civilians and police officers. Around 10 people were arrested in Milwaukee on Aug. 30 when they gathered to demonstrate against the killing of Sylville Smith, who was fatally shot by police on Aug. 13, according to CBS News.

Sources: WJBK, CBS News / Photo credit: Facebook via WJBK

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