Reese's Christmas Tree-Shaped Candy Goes Viral -- For The Wrong Reason (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups may have taken some people out of the Christmas spirit.

Several Reese’s lovers expressed their outrage on social media, Fox 8 reported. The reason for their outrage? The peanut butter candy, which was supposed to be shaped like a Christmas tree, did not look enough like an actual Christmas tree.

“Does this look like a Christmas tree to you??” Bucky Keen tweeted at Reese’s, along with a photo of the candy.

“I feel deceived,” Twitter user Milspec Mimosas added, also attaching a photo of the candy, which looked more like a blob than an actual tree.

Several others tweeted photos of their alleged “Christmas tree” shaped Reese’s candy, demanding an explanation. Some found it amusing.

“Nailed it,” Twitter user Akana wrote sarcastically.

Here are more pictures of the disappointing "Christmas tree" shaped Reese's candy, courtesy of Twitter:

All indications point to Reese’s not altering the dessert despite these complaints.