Police Officer Helps Make Local Girl's Birthday One She Will Always Remember

| by Karin Sun

Photos of a Clarksburg, West Virginia, police officer celebrating a little girl's birthday at Burger King have gone viral on Facebook.

Tara Murphy said her daughter, JadeLynn, only wanted one thing for her fourth birthday: to be able to take a cop out to lunch, Mad World News reported. To make her daughter's wish come true, Murphy asked local police officer Markie Waggamon if he would be willing to have a lunch date with the youngster at Burger King.

The officer obliged, and spent an afternoon having lunch with the girl and playing with her.

Murphy said in a message posted on her Facebook page that Waggamon went "above and beyond" to make JadeLynn's day memorable.

"Instead of just coming and having lunch with her he offered to pay, refused the money this wonderful little girl wanted to give to him, and showed up with a bag full of cop themed birthday presents," the woman wrote in the Feb. 21 post.

The officer, who showed up in full uniform, also spent time playing with the girl in the restaurant's play area and let her sit in the driver's seat of his patrol car, according to Mad World News.

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s eyes light up and seeing their dream come true," Murphy wrote in the Facebook post. "Thank you Mark Waggamon for being the amazing man that you are. This is a day we will never forget."

The post received over 3,000 likes and 700 shares in two days.

Facebook users writing in the comments section praised Waggamon for his thoughtfulness.

"What an amazing young man, amazing little girl and wonderful story," one poster wrote.

"She will never forget how GOOD a police officer was to her…her future holds the promise of respect for those whose JOB it is to protect her and others," another commenter responded.

Yet another poster said he was present at the Burger King during JadeLynn's birthday celebration.

"I was there and witnessed what he did for her," the poster wrote. "He climbed up the playground and thru the tubes and slid down the slide with her and all the kids. Never seen a cop do that before." 

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