This Is The T-Shirt One Jealous Girlfriend Made Her Boyfriend Wear (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

The image of a boyfriend wearing a T-shirt with his girlfriend’s face on it went viral recently, because Internet users were amused by a shirt meant to fend off other women.

“If you are reading this, you are too close,” the T-shirt reads. “I have a girlfriend.”

The second sentence is underlined in black. The rest of the T-shirt features various copies of the girlfriend’s face. The entire photo features the man wearing the shirt with his girlfriend standing behind him and smiling.

“His face says more than words ever could,” one commenter wrote.

The picture of the unnamed couple went viral after it was posted to Imgur.

“His face also says that he did something in the past to warrant this,” another commenter wrote.

This girl isn’t the first to buy her boyfriend a T-shirt warning other women about his relationship status. In 2014, Leon Connolly made headlines when his girlfriend made him wear a shirt explaining that he had a girlfriend -- it included pictures of the two kissing, reported The Sun.

Connolly later commented that the shirt was a joke and reflected the lightheadedness of his relationship with his girlfriend. 

Sources: Imgur, The Sun / Photo credit: Imgur 

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