Shaolin Monk Fights Gravity, 'Runs On Water' For Nearly 400 Feet (Video)

| by Emily Smith

A video of a Shoalin monk running on water went viral this week, after he ran a distance of nearly 400 feet and broke his previous record.

Shi Liliang is a monk from the famed Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, which is known for the rigorous training its monks undergo to perform amazing acrobatic and physical feats through kung-fu. On Saturday, Liliang performed the incredible task of running across thin plywood planks floating in water for 387 feet. He broke his previous record of 328 feet.

Although it might seem simple, the martial arts technique known as Qinggong is extremely difficult because it requires running quickly and lightly to fight against gravity. Often, this process is seen in kung-fu movies with the help of wires.

Liliang began training for Qinggong nearly five years ago, when he was ecstatic to make it 50 feet across the water. Although he originally thought he’d be satisfied with crossing 150 feet of water, Liliang apparently can’t be stopped.

To date, the video has been viewed over 130,000 times.

Sources: Kotaku, Shanghaiist / Photo Credit: