'Saddest Dog In The World' Finds A New Foster Home

| by Reve Fisher

Lana, also known as "the saddest dog in the world," has been placed in a new foster home after a photo of the distressed dog went viral.

Mighty Mutts, a dog rescue center based in Toronto, Canada, posted a photo of Lana when she was brought back to the organization in late October 2015. She had spent short periods of time with several families before being adopted at 5 and a half months of age. Due to some guarding issues that suddenly surfaced with her owners, the family decided to bring the dog back to the center.

"Although Lana was returned to our program, her family tried their hardest to work with her," Mighty Mutts clarified on its Facebook page. "Because there were children in the family, it was decided that it would be best for Lana to come back to our rescue so that we could find an adult only home with an experienced handler."

As the dog was part of a 13-pup litter, she developed guarding behaviors around food with unfamiliar people and animals. "Although her guarding [behaviors] were non-existent when she was adopted, they did recently come back," wrote Mighty Mutts.

During Lana's stint back at the rescue, the viral photo was taken of the depressed dog, leaning against a wall.

"She will only come out of her kennel for TWO people so we are there every day to make sure she gets walked, fed, and has some time to destress," Mighty Mutts commented in the original Facebook post.

As the volunteer-based rescue organization allows dogs to be returned if something goes wrong with the adoption, they do not adopt to people outside of Ontario, Canada.

Although Lana is currently in a foster home, Mighty Mutts has a strict training plan to prepare her for a forever home. The organization is requesting a family of one to two people with no children who have experience in guarding behaviors.

The organization urges those who have been touched by Lana's story to get involved with their local shelter or animal rescue.

"There are so many Lana's out there waiting for their big break," Mighty Mutts wrote on Facebook. "Lana is just one of millions of homeless animals that long for a family that will love them."

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