Deflate-Gate: Ravens May Have Tipped Off NFL About Patriots' Football Scandal

| by Charles Roberts

The biggest story in American sports at the moment is whether the New England Patriots cheated their way to this year’s Super Bowl.

Earlier this week, shortly after New England made quick work of the Indianapolis Colts en route to the championship game, they were accused of doctoring some of the footballs they used to gain a competitive advantage over the opposition. Some initially dismissed these charges as nonsense; however, early Wednesday morning, an ESPN report claimed that an NFL investigation found 11 of the balls New England used in their game against the Colts were underinflated.

An NFL probe into the matter is expected to wrap up at the end of this week, and presumably that is when the league will let everyone know whether the Patriots intentionally attempted to cheat with their deflated footballs.

In the mean time, another interesting question arose: Why did the NFL start investigating the Patriots in the first place?

Well, according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, it is because the Baltimore Ravens tipped officials off. The Patriots defeated their AFC rivals 35-31 two weeks ago to advance to last week’s game against Indianapolis.

If that accusation is proven to be true, that means New England intentionally deflated footballs twice in two weeks – and possibly a lot more than that. 

Source: Fox Sports / Photo Credit: WikiCommons