Police Officer Busts Duo Posing As Homeless Panhandlers

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Assistant Chief of Police Patrick Robinson was suspicious about the brother and sister duo panhandling in Manchester, Kentucky.

It was mainly the fact that they weren’t actually homeless.

 "A couple churches pulled in and offered to put them up in a motel room, to feed them, they turned it down,” Robinson told LEX18. "What we do is reach our hands out to help people in need. And they advised they didn't want our help, they wanted money.”

Robinson decided to join the unidentified man who was panhandling by making a sign of his own, which read: “They are from Russell Co. They have been offered food[, a] job [and] shelter [but] said no!” 

A local newspaper, the Manchester Enterprise, took a photo of Robinson’s encounter with the panhandler. The photo has garnered nearly 1,000 shares, and Robinson learned that the duo has allegedly tried to scam their way across the state. "That tells me that they are traveling just to bum money," he said.

According to The Manchester Enterprise’s Facebook page, the panhandler threatened to sue them for the photo.

Sources: The Manchester Enterprise via Facebook, LEX18 / Photo credit: The Manchester Enterprise via Facebook