Police Officer Aids Disabled Man 'Because He Cared' (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

In Bensalem, Pennsylvania, a bystander was touched to see a police officer go “above and beyond” to help someone at a local shopping center.

Facebook user Mike Good was moved by the actions of a police officer. According to his Facebook post, the officer parked his patrol car to push an elderly man in a wheelchair about a mile on an upward incline.

“There was a sidewalk so it wasn't a 'safety' issue where maybe he or somebody may feel they 'need' to do it!” Good explained on Facebook, where he posted photos of the officer’s good deed. “As I watched and saw it, It was all about the incline and the effort it would take the person to do it alone, because he cared!”

Good’s post was been shared 2,000 times between Jan. 11 and 14. Residents throughout the Pennsylvania town beamed with pride 

“I see this gentleman almost daily going up state road in Croydon,” said Jennifer JJ Velez-Gavigan on a shared link of the original post. “Kudos to the awesome officer who helped him.”

“So inspiring!!” said Barb McGuckin Ems in another shared link. “He obviously is a guy who loves his job, regardless of what the task is. Thanks for being a wonderful police officer, and better yet, an amazing person!!!

“This is what life is really about!” commented Ruthann Stanton. “Helping one another!!”

According to a comment on the original post, the officer’s name is Tom Mee. The public safety director of the Bensalem Police said that the thanks will be passed on to Mee for a job well done.

“Grand grand human being ... what a wonderful post for our police ... love it, “ wrote Patricia Wright-Rappo as a caption.

With a focus on police brutality in the media, many people are happy to see positive news regarding law enforcement officers.

“A very decent and kind individual,” said Barbara Deardorff Yetter. “This is the side we often do not see in the news”

“This made me get all emotional when I saw this, what a nice thing for this officer to do,” said Michele Shelly Naylor.

"Thank you To this officer and to all others who serve our Country and Communities for our Freedom and Safety!" concluded Good in the original post. "You Deserve More from us!"

Sources: WTXF, Mike Good/Facebook / Photo credit: Mike Good/Facebook