Plumber Fired After Taking Photo Of Customer's Sex Toy

| by Michael Doherty

A plumber has reportedly been fired after he photographed a customer's sex toy and posted the picture on social media.

The plumber from Queensland, Australia, who has not been named, reportedly took a picture of a customer's "shower dildo," posting the image to a secret Facebook group for men, called Blokes Advice, the Adelaide Advertiser reports. The image made its way over to a women's group, called Bad Girls Advice, of which the plumber's customer is a member.

The woman reportedly contacted the plumber's boss, leading to his termination. The next day, a friend of the plumber's posted to Blokes Advice trying to find out who had shared the image:

So who here shared the "dildo in the bathroom" picture with a female yesterday, it ended up on Bad Girls Advice and the owner of said dildo saw it. Long story short end result is the bloke that took the photo is now out a job which is obviously a less than ideal outcome.

The former plumber who originally uploaded the picture of the sex toy posted to confirm that he had been fired over the incident. He shared the email his boss sent him to tell him that he was being fired from his job.

"Your actions are condemned by me and have put my company in a vulnerable position," said his boss. "As discussed, I know now in hindsight, you regret your actions, but unfortunately they cannot be undone and have caused damage."

The plumber said that he wouldn't post the picture again if given the chance, but said he didn't blame his boss for firing him.

"[The] chick got wind of it he had a few emails with screen shots attached and as a director he has to show that he has taken action," he said. "I know there was no names mentioned or even pics of her but hey I guess that’s the risk we take posting s*** online."

A previous version of Blokes Advice had reportedly been shut down by Facebook in 2016 because of complaints about offensive posts about women. The current incarnation of the group has more than 200,000 members, reports the Mirror.

Workplace Law Principal Sarah Lock said the incident should serve as a cautionary tale for those who post on social media, adding that anything shared online could find its way back to a person's employer.

"If your workplace has a social media policy, which outlines what the company sees as appropriate online activity, and if it is found that you have breached this policy, then you are at risk of losing your job," Lock said.

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