Why This Mom Is Carrying Baby Without Brain To Term (Photo)

| by Lauren Briggs

An Oklahoma father's heartbreaking Facebook post about his pregnant wife carrying their unborn baby to term, even though the baby will be born without a brain, is going viral (photo  below).

On Feb. 17, ESPN writer Royce Young posted a photo of his wife, Keri, sleeping on their couch. In the caption, he described the moment when the couple learned that their daughter did not have a brain and began "full body ugly crying."

But 30 seconds later, Royce said, Keri had made up her mind that she would give birth to the baby that will die moments later.

"We made our choice to carry Eva to full term for a lot of reasons, but the first and foremost was to donate her organs," Royce wrote. "We don't say that to try and sound like great people or anything. It was just a practical endgame that in our minds, before we came to the realization Eva is alive and our daughter deserves to meet her mama and daddy, gave us a purpose to continue on. Donating was on Keri's mind from darn near the second we found out and while the experience of holding and kissing our daughter will be something we cherish forever, the gift(s) she's got inside that little body of hers is what really matters."

Approximately 3 in every 10,000 pregnancies in the U.S. have anencephaly, a condition in which the baby is born without parts of the brain or skull, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Almost every case is immediately fatal.

"Eva will have life even though it will be short," Keri wrote on her Facebook page, reports CNN. "She'll donate anything she can and do more in her time on earth than I ever will."

As Keri gets closer to going into labor, her pregnancy grows more difficult and uncomfortable with every pregnant ache and pain. But as her body heals, she will not have "a snuggly, soft, beautiful newborn to look at to remind you that it was all worth it," wrote Royce.

"This whole process has been rough, but I say that as someone watching from the bleachers like the rest of you," he added. "Keri has been in the trenches the entire time, feeling every little kick, every hiccup and every roll. She's reminded every moment of every day that she's carrying a baby that will die.

Sources: Royce Young/Facebook, CNN, CDC / Photo credit: Royce Young/Facebook, Royce Young/Instagram

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