Picture Of Grocery Store Worker's Good Deed Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A heartwarming photo out of Canada is making its way around the Internet today.

The photo, which was taken up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, shows Sobeys grocery store employee Austin MacNeill walking 72-year-old Mary Cogswell, who is legally blind, home after her trip to the store.

“They always do that at Sobeys, whoever takes me around there,” Cogswell told CBC. “They walk me home.”

MacNeill is seen in the picture carrying Cogswell’s groceries and stabilizing her as the two navigate the icy sidewalks of Halifax.

This photo of a Sobeys employee walking a 72-year-old customer home was posted to Facebook on Friday.

“Everybody at the store likes to help people out,” MacNeill said. “It's just kind of the thing we do. It happens on a daily basis.”

Source: CBC / Photo Credit: Terri Bordage Stevens