Photo Of Police Officer Helping Blind Elderly Woman Cross The Street Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Jonathan Constante

A picture of a Washington police officer helping a blind elderly woman cross the street has gone viral on Facebook.

Joanne Butts, 85, says she likes to keep herself busy. She was running errands in Orting, Washington, on Oct. 9 when she came across a busy intersection, Q13 Fox reported.

“I have to cross the street by listening for traffic,” Butts told Q13 Fox. “I'm not going to play chicken with a motor vehicle.”

Butts began to cross the street when she heard something.

“I started to take a step out into the crosswalk and just about that time from my left I heard a screech of brakes in gravel that was close to me, so I stopped again,” she said. “That's when the police officer came up to me and said ‘I'm an Orting police officer and I want to make sure you get across the road safely.’”

Officer Phil Taylor explained his decision to stop and help Butts.

“She looked a little indecisive, a little apprehensive about crossing,”  Taylor said. “She looked like she needed a hand and I was in the right place at the right time.”

Passerby Kyle Butler witnessed the police officer in action and captured the moment on his camera. He posted the picture on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

“Just the genuine, wanting to be a good person wanting to help... he could have just kept going, no big deal, she probably would have made it, but it was just the service and the pride he took in his work,” Butler said of Taylor.

“The world abounds with kind people,” Butts added. “The good things that they do need to be known, and I'm sure he's done acts of kindness many many times, but there was just no one there to take a picture of it.”

Sources: Q13 Fox, Facebook / Photo Credit: Screenshot from Q13 Fox

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