Image Of Cribs Sitting Outside After Bomb Threat Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Michael Howard

When a Jewish community center in Minnesota received a bomb threat, staff members were forced to move babies outside in their cribs. The resulting photo has gone viral.

The bomb threat was phoned into the Sabes Jewish Community Center -- which includes an early childhood education center -- on Jan. 18, according to the StarTribune.

"Somebody came into the room and said, 'Let's go,'" Lonny Goldsmith, the editor of a news website run out of the center, told the StarTribune. "It was just a matter of time, with what is going on around the country."

Later that day, an image depicting three baby cribs outside in the snow was uploaded to Facebook by Angie Arnold, who included the following caption:

You see a lot of pictures in the news from incidents of bomb threats and other horrible events, but I feel this picture says so much. These 4 cribs held 18 babies as we pushed them out of the building until we loaded them into our cars to take them to a safe location. When the staff came back to the building after the all clear, it made my heart stop to see these cribs sitting in the empty parking lot.

How do people make threats like this on buildings full of innocent children?

I'm praying for our country tonight and our children.

Arnold's Facebook post quickly garnered more than 3,700 likes. It has been shared over 3,400 times.

The community center was briefly closed down following the bomb threat. A careful search of the facility by police, fire fighters and bomb-sniffing dogs turned up "nothing of concern."

Police said the threat was one of several made to Jewish organizations across the country on Jan. 18.

"The Police Department contacted federal authorities and was informed that similar threats occurred around the country in the last few hours at Jewish institutions," said St. Louis Park Police spokeswoman Jacqueline Larson.

Jewish news website Forward reported that a total of 18 Jewish community centers received bomb threats that day.

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