Outrage Ensues After Leukemia Patient Endures Cyberbullying From Classmates (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

A teenager with leukemia is receiving support after news of her being bullied by classmates went viral.

Nicole Pfister from Laredo, Texas, is battling a “very high risk” type of leukemia, according to the Team Nicole Facebook page set up by her family. The 14-year-old has also been the victim of cyberbullying, with some of her classmates making fun of her on the social media platform Instagram.

"It started since after March,” Nicole told KGNS. “He just started attacking me verbally.”

Nicole said her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend took their bullying online after having taunted her for months.

(Mean comments that the bullies wrote on Instagram about Nicole. Photo Credit: Team Nicole/Facebook)

One child wrote, “Knock, knock, who’s there ‘Not your white blood cells, that's for sure,” while another wrote, “[Expletive] cancer patient embarrassing af kill yourself tf if you are even doing alive.”

(Mean comments that the bullies wrote on Instagram about Nicole. Photo Credit: Team Nicole/Facebook)

"That's when I saw these two horrific Instagram posts about my child,” Nicole’s mother, Claire Pfister, said. “So, as soon as I saw them I was furious.”

After Nicole’s mother reported the incident to the school district and wrote about it on the Team Nicole Facebook page, both the school and the Internet have taken action in support of Nicole.

“We are dealing with students and the appropriate measures will be taken to stop the nonsense,” United High School Principal Albert Aleman told ABC News.

Some of Nicole’s classmates wore orange to support her, since orange is the school’s color. The support for Team Nicole extended online, from the 2,000 friend requests she received to NFL Player Devon Still inviting the teenager and her family to Disneyland, according to the Team Nicole Facebook page.

The teens who allegedly authored the attacks have been arrested on public harassment charges. After their posts went viral, the teens involved also received threats online.

"I just feel like no one should be going after them,” Nicole told KGNS. “It was a simple mistake. And everybody makes mistakes, and everybody deserves a second chance.”

Regardless of the aftermath of the cyberbullying, Nicole said that her fighting spirit will not be broken.

"I went through this whole cancer thing,” Nicole added. “I've been through the worst. So, I'm ready for anything that comes past.”

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