Husband's Heartwarming Gesture Goes Viral (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

When a woman lost her pinky finger after an accident, her husband offered his support in the form of a simple, sweet gesture that has since gone viral.

Libby Sanders badly injured her pinky finger in an accident with a screen door in February, and in March, doctors decided it needed to be amputated.

Libby told BuzzFeed the loss of her finger was "pretty rough," but that she tries to remain optimistic.

In a Facebook post, Libby explained that she painted her nails, but was saddened by the reminder that she didn't have a pinky to paint on her left hand. 

"I simply forget that I lost my pink, but it is always kind of a bummer when I am reminded," Libby wrote in her Facebook post. 

What Libby's husband Matt did for his wife in response is a simple gesture that has warmed the hearts of thousands of people on Facebook.

"Matt said 'I will be your surrogate pinky. You can paint my pinky to match your nails for the rest of our lives.' And so we did," she wrote. "I cannot imagine a sweeter, kinder man. No words adequately describe our love."

The photos shared by Libby on her Facebook page show the couple's hands lined up so that Matt's painted pinky adds the missing fifth finger to Libby's hand.

Despite the dozens of comments of praise for the husband, Matt didn't think his gesture was such a big deal.

"It's kind of just us being us," Matt told BuzzFeed. "Neither of us thought much of it."

Within a week, Libby's post was shared more than 120,000 times on Facebook.

Sources: BuzzFeedLibby Sanders/Facebook / Photo credit: The Sanders via BuzzFeed

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