New Video Game Villains: Religious Right Wing Militia? (Video)

| by Michael Allen

The fifth installment in the popular "Far Cry" video game series will not be released until early 2018, but a promotional video (below) and a piece of key art from the game's maker, Ubisoft, suggest that the game will have players doing battle with an American religious militia.

According to The Verge, the key art shows white, unkempt, rural Americans recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s "The Last Supper." They are armed with guns and knives, and the table is covered with an American flag that features German Iron Crosses in place of its usual stars. The other props include a fresh pie, a raw steak and an empty beer bottle.

A shirtless man with the word "SINNER" written on his back is bowing down in front of the militia-like men. There is a church in the background, which also appears in the video.

The video shows a man running across a field and the sound of a gunshot. The scene then cuts to the church in fictional Hope County, Montana.

The Verge sees a comparison to real-life cult and militia incidents in the U.S., including the 2014 and 2016 standoffs between U.S. government forces and members of the Bundy family.

In 2014, cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters had a tense standoff with law enforcement near Bunkerville, Nevada. In 2016, Bundy's sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy led an armed occupation of a federal building in rural Oregon that lasted for over a month.

Both incidents ended without a major clash, although one militiaman in Oregon was killed while trying to escape, according to Time.

In October 2016, both Ryan and Ammon Bundy were acquitted of all charges stemming from the Oregon occupation, according to the Chicago Tribune. Cliven Bundy is currently in jail awaiting trial on charges stemming from his earlier Nevada standoff.

The key art/video has upset some video game fans on the alt-right website 4chan, who voiced their outrage on the site's forums:

Sweet. If that is the plot I can find out who make FarCry game and NEVER F******* BUY ONE OF THEIR GAMES AGAIN.

Making the white people look evil. Getting f******* s*** of this s***. You want us to become evil. We sure as f*** will.

I hope they at least give us an ******evil ******* so that I can have the option to join them. If that were the case I would gladly pay $70 dollars to have a degenerate-hunter simulator.

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