See It: Couple Finds Something Unusual Inside Cracked Egg (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A British couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they cracked open an egg and found a smaller egg inside.

Jane Keast, 55, was making tea when she made the discovery, and The Sun reported. Her husband, 60-year-old Chris Keast, thought she was joking at first.

“When I collected the eggs one evening there was this rather large one that I suspected might have a double yolk inside which I have come across before,” Chris said, according to and The Sun.

“When Jane later cooked some bacon and eggs for dinner she used the large one," he added.

Chris and Jane reportedly run a small farm near Perranporth, Cornwall. They have 19 chickens, and while they sell their eggs to friends and family, there's always a surplus.

When Jane cracked this particular egg open, however, she found something unusual inside.

(Egg cracked open with smaller egg inside. Photo Credit: ChrisKeast/BNPS via

“She cracked it open in the pan and shouted for me to come and look and there was a second egg next to the one she had just cracked open,” said Chris. “I have never seen anything like it before.”

The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. Chris quickly took out his phone and took pictures of the mysterious second egg.

“It was much smaller than the first egg and perfectly round,” Chris said. “Jane cracked the second egg open but it was just the white.”

According to experts, a smaller egg can develop inside the shell of another if the hen receives shock during egg production, The Sun reported.

(Two of Jand Chris Keast's chickens. Photo Credit: ChrisKeast/BNPS via