Mysterious Object Found Near Florida Courthouse

| by Sheena Vasani

A mysterious object left near a Florida courthouse has captured the country's imagination.

A woman was walking by Duval County Courthouse when she passed the object and stopped to take a photo, Little Things reports.

Puzzled and intrigued, she sent the photo to her local news station, Action News Jacksonville.

Intrigued, the news station asked its Facebook audience for their thoughts.

“Viewer Laura sent us this photo her mother took of a 'thing' on the sidewalk near the Duval County Courthouse,” it wrote, the woman later adding the object was moving when the photo was taken. “We're trying to help her figure out what it is and we're stumped. Any ideas?”

Replies ranged from far-fetched to amusing.

A few theorized it was a baby alien while some of the more amused commenters simply joked around.

“Something's dressed in black and trying to garner attention,” one user wrote.

One woman chimed in adding it was her first husband: a monster.

Others took the photo more seriously, suggesting it could be a turtle, an alligator turtle, a slug or perhaps a python after eating a meal.

“Looks like an alligator turtle they are on the endangered list here but I've never seen one that large can't wait to find out if that's it,” one user wrote.

Some thought it was simply a pile of old clothes or a deflated pool toy.

“Definitely a deflated Alligator float… have one on my pool deck right now looking the same way lol,” one commenter wrote.

Still, nobody has yet to figure out what it really is or what it was doing near a Florida courthouse. It remains a mystery and will likely fuel further speculation.

It’s not the first time a mysterious object in Florida has captured national attention.

In November 2015, WCVB reported on a large, mysterious object washed ashore on Highland Beach in Florida.

Some thought it was a missing part of a boat or submarine.

The item caught the attention of Homeland Security and the FBI, who also investigated further.

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