Mother's Viral Facebook Post Asks Parents To Rethink Time Spent On Technology

| by Brendan Kelly

A mother's Facebook post about a technology experiment has gone viral. 

On Nov. 2, Brandie Wood shared a post offering a message to parents about how technology may be affecting their relationships with their children.

Wood's decided to conduct an experiment while watching her 2-year-old twin sons playing. She decided to mark a tally every time one of her sons looked at her while playing. 

"As I sat quietly in the corner of the room I tallied how many times they looked at me for various reasons: To see if I saw their cool tricks, to seek approval or disapproval for what they were doing and to watch my reactions," she wrote in the Facebook post. "I couldn't help but wonder if I was on some sort of technology what message would I have been sending?"

The photo accompanying the post shows she tallied 28 times. She said if she had been looking at her smartphone while her boys were playing, they may have "wondered if the World Wide Web was more important than them."

"I think technology should be limited, a healthy balance," Wood told The Huffington Post. "Technology is a double-edged sword. It helps and hinders. Everyone should find what works for them. Just being aware will help tremendously. I am guilty of being connected to my phone as well. This experience has completely humbled me to be more present."

The viral post ended with a plea to parents: "Please put down your technology and spend some time with your family and loved ones."

The post was shared more than 42,000 times in three days. Wood told The Huffington Post, "I had no idea it would spread like this."

Read Wood's full Facebook post below.

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