Mother Shares Emotional Tribute To Daughter Brutally Raped, Murdered By Stepmother

| by Sean Kelly

The mother of a toddler who was brutally raped and murdered by her stepmother posted a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter on social media, featuring the last photo she has of the little girl.

Lauren Furneaux’s daughter, Lily, was murdered by her stepmother after she threw a tantrum and soiled her underwear. 

“5 years ago right now she was eating lucky charms with my dad when I told her we had to get dressed,” Furneaux, from Michigan, wrote in the tribute post. “She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “why mommy?” And all I could do was say “I’m sorry baby.” I held her hand as she cried on the way to meet her “father.” She asked if we could go to splash village and I told her we would when there was snow on the ground. She asked if Barney could come to her birthday and I told her that he would. And the last promise I made her was that one day she wouldn’t have to go to their house.”

Furneaux explained that when she dropped Lily off at the meeting spot, the girl cried and begged her not to go.

“I just kept telling her I’m sorry baby and I love you and I will see you tomorrow. He took her and she continued to cry. He let her give me one last kiss and he walked away as she screamed and reached trying to get back to me. You never forget that sound.”

Lily was ultimately brutally raped and murdered by 28-year-old Renee King — the girl’s stepmother.

To this day I can’t wake up on November 20th and not replay every horrific moment,” Furneaux wrote. 

“I miss you Lily to infinity and beyond always and forever and I will never stop fighting for you. So if you are still reading at this point please share Lily’s story today. Please make a choice to be her voice because there is no excuse for child abuse. And please hug your children a little tighter and longer as none of us are promised tomorrow.”

In February 2012, King was convicted of murder and sexual assault in the death of Lily Furneaux.

Sources: Lauren Furneaux via Facebook, Metro / Photo credit: Facebook