Mom's Touching Post About Saying 'No' (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

What one mother posted about saying "no" to children is resonating with people worldwide.

In her Facebook post, Emma Lou Harris recalls the days in which she used to be a people pleaser -- particularly with her children, whose photo she uploaded alongside her words.

"It's something that I carried through into my parenting," Harris reflects. "Always giving in, always saying yes when it wasn't deserved and sometimes at times when it wasn't even requested. I always said yes. I always worried my kids would hate me for 'No's' the same as I worried people would hate me for them before my children. I was happier to accept looking like a walk over then a monster."

But one day, that all changed when she looked around at the world and realized the most loving thing she could do as a parent was to enforce boundaries by saying "no."

"Saying 'No' is not about denying them something, but it's gifting them with the reassurance that saying 'No' is Ok," she wrote.

"It's telling my small son who will one day be a man, that NO means NO," Harris later wrote.

"It's teaching my daughter also, that NO means NO and that she needs to feel ok with that decision," she added.

Harris emphasizes that saying "no" -- far from being a weakness -- is actually a sign of power and bravery, a necessary word to protect a person in a dangerous world.

"It's respect," she writes towards the end. "It's the cruel to be kind. It may be the bad cop. But 'No' is never bad. Now I say 'No'. Not because I don't love my children, but because I love them TOO much to always say yes."

Her words ended up deeply affecting many who agreed and applauded her for the post.

"As a former people-pleaser, I deeply relate," wrote Lindsay Wolf for Babble. "It took the heartbreaking end of my last marriage to realize I wasn’t fully living the life I wanted. Since healing from that experience, I have learned to speak up for myself more and deny any request that doesn’t feel right to me. As a result, I have learned to make friends with the word 'no' more than ever before."

"Absolutely love this," replied another. "Reading your words is like listening to my own voice. Thank you xx."

"Amen sister this was my biggest struggle," added a third. "Until I had an ah' moment and everything changed. I'm learning to say NO and be happy and content with the decision . This post was so on point for me."

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