Mom's Facebook Post About Son's Birthmark Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Sean Kelly

A mother's social media post about her son's birthmark went viral.

"Grant didn't have a problem with his birthmark, but everyone else seemed to," the mother said in her post. "The large port wine birthmark spilling across his left eye and cheek was normal to him. But it was noticeable to others, and with each passing year, Grant grew more and more frustrated with the repetitious and invasive questions from strangers." 

Love What Matters shared the story of Grant on behalf of his mother, Madeleine, on its Facebook page, where it got more than 8,000 reactions.

"One day, for the first time in his life, Grant told his mother, 'I wish I didn't have my birthmark.'"

Madeleine said she was surprised by her son's comment.

"It had never been a thing to him, so we naturally started asking questions," she told the site. "We asked if he just didn't like it anymore and he said 'No, it's fine. I'm just so tired of people asking about it or trying to touch my face.' It broke my heart."

One day, a boy at school changed everything for Grant.

"All I knew about this kid was that Grant said he had reddish hair," Madeleine said. "And that he was extraordinarily kind to my son."

The boy reportedly approached Grant at school and asked about his birthmark. Grant explained his birthmark to the boy, and was stunned by the response.

"Well, your birthmark is really cool," the boy responded.

"When he told me, I knew I had to find this kid," Madeleine said. "Grant said 'I had the best day!' I hadn't seen that kind of joy in him for a while."

Over the next few days, Madeleine made it her mission to find the student who brightened her son's day.

"It was such a mature thing for a kid to do, I thought for sure he'd be at least Grant's age and in fourth or fifth grade," she said. When she finally tracked the boy down, he didn't have red hair after all. His name was Tucker, and his parents were reportedly shocked that their son interacted with Grant.

"It turns out Tucker is actually very shy," Madeleine said. "They said it was completely out of character for him, but they were proud to hear he'd been so kind."

When the boys met, they shared a touching photo together, which quickly went viral.

"I was excited to see that it resonated with so many people," she said. With a newfound confidence, Grant decided to do a project on birthmarks for the school's science fair.

"Kids began approaching him with different comments," she said. "Suddenly it was 'Hey, I saw your project, it was cool.' Some kids even came up to him after the fair to ask him more about his project."

The story quickly went viral, with many readers applauding Tucker for complimenting Grant.

"I definitely think Grant looks cool. My 6 and 8 year old boys both love their scars and they consider birthmarks to be even more awesome!" one PopSugar reader commented. 

Sources: PopSugar, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Love_and_Hope/Pixabay, Love What Matters/Facebook

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