Model Rescues Paralyzed Dog (Video)

| by Robert Fowler

When Canadian model Meagan Penman came across a dog in dire straits during her vacation abroad, she sought to not only rescue him, but to also provide him with a loving home (video below).

Her efforts have helped transform the canine's life.

In 2014, Penman was vacationing in Thailand when she spotted a paralyzed dog dragging its body along a beach.

"I was just walking along the beach and saw what looked like half a dog sticking out of a small tide pool," Penman told the Daily Mail. "I couldn't understand what I looking at so I went to have a closer look."

The Canadian model named the injured dog Leo and whisked him off to a local veterinarian, who determined his spine had been broken. With his legs paralyzed, the suffering dog was unlikely to survive on his own. Unable to find any shelters that would take in an animal in such costly condition, Penman resolved to not only have him receive medical treatment, but be brought back to Canada.

Negotiating the medical care and travel expenses of a Thailand dog was probably not how Penman had envisioned her vacation.

"I really didn't know what I was getting myself into at first, but next thing I knew I was in the middle of a huge process that took months to finally pull off," Penman recalled. "There were times where I was so stressed and frustrated, but I would not let myself take no for an answer."

Adopting and transferring a dog over international lines can be a costly endeavor, which Leo's medical condition only compounded. Through online fundraising, Penman raised the thousands of dollars necessary to have Leo receive treatment in Thailand and eventually be flown to Canada.

While Penman had likely saved the dog's life, she was unable to keep him because she couldn't dedicated adequate time to the pup. Fortunately, the furry fellow found a loving home with Canadian resident Jamie Smith.

Here is Leo, looking like a brand new dog compared to when Penman found him by the beach, nuzzling up to Smith amidst a blanket of autumn leaves.

The recovering pooch was even able to regain his mobility with the help of a wheelchair provided by K9 Carts, Shareably reports.

Based in Washington, K9 Carts specializes in outfitting paralyzed animals with specialized mobility contraptions. The company has been giving dogs, cats, rabbits and turkeys an opportunity to strut their stuff again for more than 55 years, according to WNBC.

Leo's recovery is a testament to the power of someone going out of their way to help an animal in need, the resourcefulness of a crowd pitching in to help a great cause and people with big hearts providing a loving home for the most vulnerable.

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