Massachusetts Family Claims It Found A Needle In Child's Halloween Candy

| by Karin Sun

A family in Chicopee, Massachusetts, reported finding a sewing needle stuck through a piece of Halloween candy their child collected while trick-or-treating.

Samantha Ocasio of Chicopee told Western Mass News on Nov. 1 that she found a sharp object in a chocolate Milky Way bar given to her 2-year-old son while trick-or-treating and discovered that it was a sewing needle.

The needle appeared to be a few inches long and was stuck through the center of the bar.

Ocasio said she suspected something was wrong when she saw the candy bar. "The wrapper felt loose, really loose like it was ready to just rip off, and it felt old, so it was a big worry for us," she told Western Mass News.

Ocasio noted the needle could have posed a major danger to her young son. 

"I was scared, upset obviously because he's 2 years old," she said. "He would have never thought to spit it out."

The family didn't know exactly which house the candy bar came from. The family reported the incident to the Chicopee Police Department.

In light of the discovery, the department's Public Information Officer Michael Wilk urged area families to check their children's Halloween candy thoroughly and report similar incidents to the police.

"PLEASE check all candy before letting children eat it," Wilk said in a post on the Chicopee Police Department's Facebook page. "If you locate any items in candy from Chicopee, please contact our department. Thank you. Our goal is to make sure children are safe."

In the comments section of the same post, Rafael Ocasio, the boy's father, clarified the area where it had been trick-or-treating.

Chicopee police said they are currently still investigating the incident. The department is encouraging members of the community to call an anonymous tip line if they have information.

A mother in Springfield, Massachusetts, reported a similar discovery of a sewing pin stuck through the middle of a Crunch bar that her 4-year-old daughter collected while trick-or-treating, according to Western Mass News.

Another incident in Auburn, Massachusetts, in which an 11-year-old child reported finding a piece of metal tucked into her chocolate bar, proved to be a hoax, reported.

Sources: Western Mass News,, Chicopee Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Chicopee Police Department/Facebook