This Map Shows Most Popular Places In Every American State

| by Khier Casino

A Reddit user who goes by the name “Midwester” recently put together a map, which reveals the most visited tourist attractions in each of the 50 states.

The key below the map shows the corresponding number of people who attended the attraction last year.

The top destination in the United States was not Disney or the Grand Canyon. Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, came in at number one, with a whopping 40 million visitors per year.

The top 10 most popular attractions in the country are as follows, based on number of people visiting per year:

1. Mall of America – Minnesota – 40 million

(Cliff/Flickr Creative Commons)

2. Times Square – New York – 37.6 million

(ERIC SALARD/Flickr Creative Commons)

3. Las Vegas Strip – Nevada – 30 million

(Moyan Brenn/Flickr Creative Commons)

4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Massachusetts – 20 million

(Bill Ilott/Flickr Creative Commons)

5. Walt Disney World – Florida – 17 million

(Anthony Quintano/Flickr Creative Commons)

6. Disneyland – California – 14.7 million

(fortherock/Flickr Creative Commons)

7. Blue Ridge Parkway – North Carolina – 10.9 million

(Soil Science/Flickr Creative Commons)

8. Pike Place Market – Washington – 10 million

(Michael Righi/Flickr Creative Commons)

9. Navy Pier – Illinois – 8.6 million

(Robert Lowe/Flickr Creative Commons)

10. Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Tennessee – 6.9 million

(Miguel Vieira/Flickr Creative Commons)

According to TIME, the map used 2009 statistics from National Park Services, state tourism offices, and other resources.

Sources: LiftbumpTIME / Photo Credit: Midwester/Reddit, Cliff/Flickr Creative Commons