Man Posts Picture Of Baby On Back While Hunting (Photo)

| by Alex Scarr

A Texas man has recently come under fire for posting pictures of his baby daughter on his back while he holds a shotgun in a hunting outing (photo below).

Travis Zatopek was featured in a Facebook post from the Hacienda Wildlife Company, a hunting ground that Zatopek owns. In the post Zatopek is holding a shotgun while his infant daughter sits in a harness on his back, according to GrindTV.

The caption of the post reads: "When it’s dove season, and you have baby duty! Owner of Hacienda, Travis Zatopek, making it happen."

A handful of commenters were quick to point out issues with the photo, most of them concerned with the safety of the daughter.

"My only fear would be the baby's hearing being effected, those ear protectors don't work all that well," wrote one user on Facebook.

"Not offended by the dad spending time with baby. Just offended by the non-ergonomic carrier! Want a carrier that seats them not dangles them," offered another.

The majority of comments on the original post were supportive, however.

"Children raised by responsible gun owners, sportsman, hunters, know to respect the weapon. This child is having quality time with his father who obviously does everything to keep him safe. Respect can never be taught early enough," wrote a supporter.

"As a soon to be mother, I have absolutely no problem with it! The child's ears are protected and dove season usually brings in cooler weather so no chance of heat exhaustion, not to mention responsible adults around. My child will hunt with myself as well as his father," a commenter noted.

Zatopek responded to the criticism in a separate Facebook post, in which he describes his parenting choices as rights given to him as American citizens.

We, as parents, promote positive family morals and values along with teaching them respect and responsibility. Unfortunately, many of the youth today are not taught this. We’ve raised every one of our girls around guns and hunting, just as we were! Hunting is not just a sport, but a way of life.

We feel it is important for our girls to experience the great outdoors and wildlife versus video games and Illusive Pokemon’s. This is our choice, and we stand true to our values. I would like to thank the keyboard warriors, because for every one negative comment, five positive comments have evolved.

Zatopek also posted pictures of his two elder daughters with their first doe kills, according to Grind TV.

Sources: GrindTV, Hacienda Wildlife Company/Facebook / Photo credit: Hacienda Wildlife Company/Facebook, m01229/Flickr

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