Keanu Reeves' Act Of Kindness Goes Viral (Video)

| by Michael Doherty

An act of kindness by actor Keanu Reeves was caught on video (below), and has gone viral online.

The candid cell phone clip shows Reeves sitting on a crowded subway in New York City. When he sees a female passenger get onto the train, he offers up his seat to the woman in an act of chivalry, according to Little Things.

Reeves doesn't appear to notice he's being filmed in the video, in which he motions to the woman who is standing after she gets on the train, before offering her his seat. The clip has racked up over 11 million views.

Commenters online praised Reeves' actions, calling him a "gentleman."

"The fact that he's in the subway already deserves some respect," said one commenter, referring to the fact that Reeves was using public transit rather than driving or taking a cab, despite being a wealthy celebrity.

"He is the most humble and down to earth human in this entire industry," said another.

The cell phone video isn't the only act of kindness Reeves has become known for. The actor is also a multimillion-dollar donor to charities such as PETA, Stand Up To Cancer, and the SickKids Foundation. Luminary Daily reports that his donations have been anonymous, in an attempt to avoid making the donations about himself.

Reeves has also been reported to have bought lunch for a homeless man in Los Angeles -- rather than giving the man change, he reportedly took time to get to know him.

After he made the first Matrix movie, Reeves was reported to have renegotiated his contract so that a large percentage of what would have been his profits from the second and third films in the trilogy went to the films' costume design and special effects team. The money that Reeves is reported to have given up was an estimated $75 million, leaving each member of the team with $1 million. He's also reported to have given each member of the stunt team a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Reeves once paid over $5 million to help his sister when she was battling leukemia, and is reported to have acted as a caretaker for her. He made meals, prepared her medication, and put film shoots on hold in order to make time to care for her.

Sources: Little Things, lladnarneddafcm/YouTube, Luminary Daily / Photo credit: Anna Hanks/Flickr

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