Letter Left On Disabled Woman's Car Shocks Many (Photo)

| by Sheena Vasani

Australian Justine Van Den Borne was just excited to spend the day shopping and bonding with her daughter at Mitcham Shopping Centre when she parked into the disabled spot.

For years, Justine had been battling Multiple Sclerosis, and "normal" moments with her children like these meant even more these days than ever.

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 35," she explains on Facebook "Not just MS but the worst one that never goes away and is slowly crippling my life. My kids have had to deal with things that kids shouldn't ever have to deal with."

What was even more exciting is that she was walking "unaided" today. It was a special treat for Justine, who was looking forward to spending the day at the mall with her daughter, like the once healthy mother she once was. 

Yet when they both returned, her perfect day was shattered as she read a letter somebody left them that nearly broke Justine's heart.

"Did you forget your wheelchair???" read the anonymous note somebody posted on her car.

An upset Justine took to Facebook to pour out her heart, writing an open letter back to the individual. 

"On the day you saw me I was having a good day, I was walking with my daughter unaided having a nice day," she remarked. "Thank you for ruining that. You made me feel like people were looking at me, the exact way I feel when I can't walk properly."

As she continued writing, her letter served as a powerful reminder to many not to judge a book by its cover.

"I am sick of people like yourself abusing me on my good days for using a facility I am entitled to," she added. "A disability doesn't always mean a person has to be wheelchair bound but lucky for you I one day will be."

While post touched the hearts and opened the eyes of thousands, it also sparked debate.

"Unfortunately, there are so many people who do abuse the blue badge - borrowing it from a relative just to save them walking a few extra steps," argued one Facebook user. 

"Honestly some people don't use their handicap status just when the person is present or park illegally," chimed in another on Little Things' Facebook page. "It really isn't up to others to judge but you have to understand why some question it."

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