'He Went Above And Beyond': State Trooper Gives Homeless Man A Ride, Buys Him A Meal (Photo)

| by Jonathan Constante

A photo of an Alabama state trooper helping out a homeless man is going viral on Facebook.

Jenny Gilmore Reed, of Alabaster, Alabama, was in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s when she noticed a state trooper letting a homeless man out of his vehicle and handing him food, Fox 5 reported. She took a photo of the trooper and posted it on her Facebook page on Oct. 16 (below).

“The trooper walked up to me and I was in tears and told him what I thought he did was amazing,” Reed told Fox 5. “I told him that he was a hero and thank you for everything you do.”

The state trooper was identified as Justin O’Neal. He told Reed that he picked the homeless man up in Tuscaloosa. The homeless man was trying to get to North Carolina and O’Neal had offered to take him as far as he could.

“I posted the photo on my Facebook page and called several local affiliates about the story because I wanted to give Trooper O’Neal the recognition he deserves,” Reed said. “He went above and beyond and he did not have to do that.”

But O’Neal didn’t stop there. He bought the homeless man, who hadn’t eaten in three days, some food.

“It touched my heart to witness this kind act from the State Trooper,” Reed added. “I have always had respect for public servants but he just raised the bar.”

Sources: Fox 5, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook