Blackout Tattoos: The New Trend In Tattoos (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A new tattoo trend has overtaken watercolor, white and glitter tattoos: blackout tattoos.

Blackout tattoos involve covering large portions of the body in solid black ink.

The most common body parts to cover in blackout tattoos are arms and legs, though some have gone so far as to cover their chests, stomachs and backs in black.

While many blackout tattoos consist only of solid black ink, some can contain intricate designs.

Linjojo’z, a woman from Singapore, originally started getting her blackout tattoos to cover up other tattoos, but she eventually had her entire chest and right arm covered in black by Chester at Singapore’s Oracle Tattoo. Her tattoo features a scalloped neckline and black and white rose on her right hand.

Her tattoo artist posted images of her blackout tattoo on Instagram, where it received more than 6,000 likes in five days. 

Her tattoo artist has shared other photos to his Instagram showing other blackout tattoos he has completed, including solid black leg tattoos.

Sources: Daily MailInquisitr / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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