Hot Rod Star Learns Hard Way What Happens When You Drink And Drive

| by Brendan Kelly

Duane Mayer of Discovery Channel’s ‘American Hot Rod’ has become an example of the consequences of drunk driving. 

On New Year’s Day, Mayer, who builds hot rods and custom vehicles in his shop for the reality show, was arrested for drunk driving. 

According to police, Mayer fell out of his 1932 Ford Coupe while intoxicated. The car was still moving at 25 mph when he fell out, TMZ reports.

The Anaheim Police Department shared photos of Mayer’s wrecked car on their Facebook page, with the caption “Always designate a driver when drinking.”

Images of Mayer in the hospital after the crash show him with a bloody head, two black eyes, bloodshot eyes, and cuts and bruising on his limbs. He has yet to comment on the incident.

Sources: TMZDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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