Watch: How To Heat Your Home For Free (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly

Every homeowner knows the struggle of trying to heat your home in the winter and how expensive it can get. Thanks to some clever people on the internet, there’s a way for you to heat your home for free that you might want to try (video below).

Somebody figured out that you can use all of that bothersome junk mail and any other paper waste you may have laying around to create paper logs that will burn for longer than cut wood.

YouTube user Tiny House Listings shared a video walking through the process of making the paper log. 

The first step is to get two five-gallon buckets, which you can buy for cheap at a store such as Home Depot if you don’t already have some. In one bucket, drill small holes around the sides and bottom.

Put the bucket with the holes you just drilled inside the bucket with no holes.

Next, gather up all of the junk mail and paper waste, which can be anything from egg cartons to notebook paper or cardboard, and throw it into the stacked bucket.

Once you’ve done that, fill the bucket with water and let the paper soak overnight.

In the Tiny House Listings video, a man uses a drill with a circular saw blade to shred the paper into a pulpy consistency after it has sat in water overnight. But if you do not have those tools, you can shred the paper into small bits by hand or with anything else that may do the job. Then give the shredded paper a good stir.

When the mixture has the consistency of pulp or mud, lift the bucket with holes up and set it on a piece of plywood, allowing the water to drain out into the other bucket.

Now, remove the wood and apply a lot of pressure, which you can do by putting the water-filled bucket into the bucket holding the mixture and sitting on it until all the water is completely drained and the mixture is compacted.

That’s it! Take the log out of the bucket and put it into a fire that’s already underway, and it will “burn for hours and hours,” according to the video.

Take precautions, practice fire safety, and do not cook food over this fire. Hopefully, this trick will help you get through the winter with a bit more money in your pocket!

Sources: Independent Journal ReviewYouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube