'There's Still a Lot Of Good': Pizzeria Manager Goes Out Of His Way To Help Old Man

| by Brendan Kelly

A heartwarming story from a Massachusetts pizzeria is making the rounds on social media.

Just before closing time on the night of Nov. 15, an elderly man reportedly came into Kelly Square Pizza in Worcester, Massachusetts, begging for food.

Mike Alexander of Worcester shared the story on Facebook, along with a photo of the man’s back.

“The elderly man asks if there’s anything that would be thrown out he could buy cheap,” Alexander wrote in the post.

He added that the old man was “leaning on a makeshift cane and wearing two coats” when he walked into the restaurant. 

The pizzeria manager then reportedly asked an employee to stop what he was doing and and make the man whatever he wanted.

“I just want everyone to know that during these tough and crazy times where others in the world are out to hurt and kill, there’s still a lot of good,” Alexander wrote.

Alexander also encouraged readers to act kindly towards strangers.

“Start with yourself,”  he wrote. “Open a door, pay for a coffee, pass on some food, donate to something, thank a vet, hang out with the elderly. Anything.”

The post has been shared over 4,000 times already and its uplifting message is surely being spread.

See Mike Alexander's full post below.

This story comes at the heels of another act of kindness that's gone viral. South Carolina man Antione Pugh took to Facebook on Nov. 15 to recount his interaction with a homeless man. Pugh had reportedly gone to an ATM late at night when he saw the man inside. He started up a conversation with him, and they ended up talking for 10 minutes.

Pugh then generously offered to pay for a hotel room for the man for two nights so that he wouldn't get cold. Pugh's post has been shared over 800 times.

Sources: Mike Alexander/Facebook, Antione Pugh/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook, Turtle Boy Sports