Guy Tricks His Cheating Girlfriend's Lover Into Ordering Him Chinese Food

| by Dominic Kelly

A boyfriend got revenge on his cheating girlfriend and her lover on the side by tricking the guy into buying him Chinese takeout.

The boyfriend reportedly found out about his girlfriend being unfaithful, but instead of confronting her or breaking up with her on the spot, the guy decided he would capitalize on the opportunity to get his girl’s lover to buy him some food.

Metro reports that the boyfriend was able to get the “secret” boyfriend’s phone number, save the number as “f**kboi#3,” and text him pretending to be his girlfriend. Not only did the boyfriend ask for Chinese food, but he made sure he got exactly what he was craving.

“I want delivery to my house u gonna order it or nah,” the boyfriend texted.

After the lover agreed, the boyfriend made sure he was specific about what meal he wanted.

“Can I get a shrimp panzit orange chicken and a lemonade please??” the boyfriend asked.

Amazingly, the betrayed man’s revenge attempt worked, and later, a Chinese restaurant delivered the exact order he had asked for. It’s not clear if the girlfriend or the lover ever found out what had happened, but regardless, this guy should be commended for his creative approach at revenge.

Sources: Metro UK, Buzzarabic

Photo Sources: Buzzarabic, Metro