Google Search 'How Can I Move To Canada?' Spikes

| by Sean Kelly

Google searches for "How can I move to Canada" increased 350 percent following major Super Tuesday victories for Donald Trump on March 1.

Google's data editor Simon Rogers tweeted the findings after Trump's Super Tuesday victories, along with the hashtag #SuperTuesday.

Trump won seven states out of the possible 11 states on Super Tuesday. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas won three states, and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida won Minnesota.

Trump also dominated 79 percent of Google searches relating to the GOP presidential race, even before results came in, The Hill reported.

The New York Daily News lent its support to those who were considering a move across the globe in the event of a Trump presidency, highlighting possible destinations and offering advice regarding work visas and other requirements for moving abroad.

"Hi Americans! Donald Trump may become the President of your country! If that happens, and you decide to get the hell out of there, might I suggest moving to Cape Breton Island," Canadian destination Cape Breton Island wrote in an invitation on its website. "We need people. We need you!'

The island encouraged Americans to relocate there if Trump won, saying that "Muslim people can roam freely" and "nobody has a handgun."

Many celebrities have suggested they would move if Trump won the presidency, including civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton, actress Whoopi Goldberg and billionaire Barry Diller.

"If Donald Trump doesn't fall, I'll either move out of the country or join the resistance," Diller said in late 2015.

Sharpton joked that he'd be forced to leave the U.S. if Trump gets elected.

"I'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins," Sharpton said during an event at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. "Only because he'd probably have me deported anyhow."

Actor Samuel L. Jackson also said he'd leave the country in the event of a Trump presidency.

"If that motherf----- becomes president, I'll move my black ass to South Africa," Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

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