Italian Goalkeeper Scores Own Goal, Losing Soccer Match For His Team (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Daniele Padelli, the goalkeeper for Italy's Torino soccer team, accidentally kicked the ball into his own goal, resulting in a score for Empoli, who won the game 1-0 on May 6.

A video (below) from the game's broadcast captured the heartbreaking moment when Padelli received a backpass from a teammate, but put the ball in his own net, Bleacher Report notes.

The goal came with only three minutes left in the Serie A match.

Padelli waved an apology to the crowd, The Guardian reports.

Padelli once played a single game in 2007 for English team Liverpool, where he allowed two goals.

Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland notes that Padelli was previously with Italian team Sampdoria before being loaned to Liverpool.

Sources: The Guardian, The Bleacher Report, Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland
Image Credit: BT Sport Screenshot